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Transportation to Alaska is by major airline (Alaska, Delta, United, Northwest, Reno Air) into Anchorage International Airport. You will then need to take a small commuter airplane from Merrill Field, in Anchorage, to Port Alsworth with Lake and Penn Air, ph# 1-888-741-2228 or Lake Clark Air. The R/T airfare from Anchorage to Port Alsworth is $420 plus tax. When you make your reservations be sure to try and get on the first flight of the day to Port Alsworth, if it is possible we would prefer that you arrive before noon. This will give us time to fly you into the field to your base camp the same day. You cannot fly and hunt the same day in Alaska. Remember to pack as light as possible as the weight limit on the small air taxis is 50lbs. of gear per person and additional gear is .80 per lb.

Pack your belongings in soft duffle type bags, no hard suitcases, for ease of travel in small bush planes. Several small soft bags are better than one large one. Keep sleeping bags separate. Use soft gun cases for all rifles. Hard cases can be stored at the Lodge.

When planning your trip be sure to give yourself ample travel time. Alaskan weather is very unpredictable and can cause delays from time to time. Keep in mind, if we dont want to fly, you dont want to fly either. You should try to arrive in Anchorage the day before you are scheduled to fly to P.A. It is best to allow a day at the end of your hunt, as well, in case of bad weather and to prepare your meat and antlers for shipping home. If bad weather should prevent your flight back to Anchorage there are several B&Bs where you can stay for around $150 per person.

LICENSES Hunting licenses and tags are available for purchase at the Lodge in Port Alsworth. Non-resident hunting licenses are $85. Non-resident tags are as follows: Brown Bear/Grizzly $500. Dall Sheep $425. Moose $400. Caribou $325. Black Bear $225 and Wolf is now only $30. Fishing Licenses are also available and recommended. Remember to bring cash, travelers checks, or cashiers checks, as the state will not accept personal checks.

DEPOSITS AND RESERVATIONS To assure booking of particular dates you select for your hunt a 50% deposit is required. The balance is due 60 days prior to your arrival at Port Alsworth. All monies are U.S. funds. Should you find it necessary to cancel your trip, deposit payments are 50% refundable up to 60 days prior to arrival date, and if your cancelled hunt is rebooked a fee of $500. will be charged. No refunds will be made within 60 days of your arrival date, but may be applied, less 10% towards another year We recommend trip cancellation insurance, available at most travel agencies or check with your local insurance companies.

GAME MEAT HANDLING Once you bag your trophy, it MUST be tagged and bagged in the field. Regulations require that the antlers be the last piece taken from the kill site. ALL meat must be brought back to Port Alsworth, and then if you decide not to take any meat or maybe just the prime cuts, the rest may be left in the village food bank. DO NOT BRING BIG CHEESECLOTH TYPE BAGS to transport your meat in. It is very important to have good quality meat bags, no plastic bags or pillowcases please. We recommend ALASKA GAME BAGS. These are excellent quality game bags made in Anchorage. Call Earl at 907-337-9538, you can pay over the phone and he will mail them to me at the Lodge with your name on them. When your meat arrives at Port Alsworth, wet lock boxes are available at $15 each and are required by air transporters to move your meat to Anchorage and on to your home. Each box will hold 70lbs, the maximum allowed on the airlines. Two or three boxes will usually hold the meat of one boned Caribou and cape. Freezing of this boxed meat is not available in Port Alsworth, but you can have your meat shipped direct to a meat processor in Anchorage for storage or regular cutting and grinding. They will cut, wrap, and freeze your meat for shipping home. They will also make various kinds of sausages for you at reasonable prices for great eating all year long. When you come back through Anchorage, you must pick up your meat boxes at the meat processor and take them for check-in at your airline, or send via UPS or FED EX to your home. Please remember that Alaskan Moose are very large animals and the cost of removing even boned out Moose to your home freezer can be very costly.

TROPHY ANTLER HANDLING Many hunters now cut their trophy antlers in half so they can be placed together for packing and shipping. This method will save you lots of money as the air taxis only charge by the pound for separated antlers. Taxidermists using new modern techniques can easily place the antlers back together for mounting later. Please check with your own taxidermist to see what he would suggest. If you wish to keep the antlers intact there will be an extra charge of at least $50 made by the air taxi. No extra charge is made for antler transport by LCL out of the field. Of course, B&C and Pope and Young trophies must be left intact for official measurement. Shotgun shells or hose can be used to protect the points during shipping.

EQUIPMENT All our guided hunts are fully outfitted. We use quality six and eight man Alaskan Cabela dome tents or four men bomb shelters, one tent to sleep in and the other to cook in. Most hunters prefer to bring their own sleeping pads for use under their sleeping bags, but we can provide these as well as cots if they are requested ahead of time. We provide a variety of meat, vegetables, soups, desserts, juices, candy bars and other goodies for your guide to prepare. If you have dietary restrictions please let us know as soon as possible after booking your hunt and we will do everything possible to accommodate your special needs.

PERSONAL EQUIPEMENT AND GEAR Remember to pack light. Keep your baggage under 75lbs to avoid the extra weight charge by the Air Taxi Service. Here is a recommended list of personal gear you need to bring:
Hunting Knife and Sharpener
Binoculars (this is a must)
Camera and film
Ankle Fit Hip Boots or Ankle Fit Knee Boots
Hiking Boots
Camp Shoes or Moccasins
Rain Clothes (camo length coat of good quality, noiseless)
Sleeping Bag (-10 rating w/ synthetic filling is preferred)
Flash LightI
nsect Repellent
Waterproof Matches
Wool or Gortex Hunting Cap
Toilet and Personal Effects
Towel and Wash Cloth
Two pair of Pants (light wool and/or quick drying material)
Synthetic Clothing for Layering (long underwear, fleece)
Long Underwear
Heavy Wool Socks
Pair of Light Gloves
Layered Clothing works great
BYOB (if any)
Jerky for Jeremy

ADDITIONAL COSTS Here is a summary of extra costs which you may encounter:
Non- Resident Hunting License$85
Non- Resident Fishing License$15-80
Caribou Tag$325
Moose Tag$400
Black Bear Tag$225
Brown/Grizzly Bear Tag$500
Air Taxi (Round trip, Anchorage-Port Alsworth-Anchorage)$420
Transportation of Meat/Capes from P.A. to Anch.$ .75/lb
Transportation of un-cut antlers from P.A. to Anch.$50-100 each
Hotels/Taxi in Anchorage-Arrival/Departure$250(approx)
Bed and Breakfast (stay overnight due to weather in Port Alsworth) $80/person
Extra Cariboun/a

Lodge owner, Big Game Guide Outfitter Jeremy S. Davis, has been actively hunting and fishing in Alaska for more than 25 years, and will personally oversee your trip from Port Alsworth to some of the very best hunting areas in the state with high concentrations of the game you seek. Our experienced guides will help you spot, trophy judge, stalk, track, and field dress your trophy animal. Remember, although our success rates are very high, this is not a guaranteed hunt.

Our goal at Lake Country Lodge is to provide you and your party with a quality hunting experience, giving you the services you need to find the trophies you desire and to give you the support you need for success.

We look forward to your arrival and the opportunity you have given us to give you a quality Alaskan Big Game Trophy Hunt.

Best regards and happy hunting!

Jeremy and Michelle Davis
Owner/Operators Lake Country Lodge, Inc.

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