Alaska Hunting Trips

Our Hunts:

Fully Guided/Outfitted Hunts:

All fully guided/outfitted hunts and fishing trips include food, drinks, snacks, camp equipment & trophy preparation as well as professional and experienced guides. Round trip air transportation for you, your trophy, meat and gear from our base lodge to the field is also included.

Self Guided/Outfitted Hunts:

All self guided/outfitted hunts include food, drinks, snacks, camp equipment & trophy preparation. We will drop the hunters off in a pre scouted area and will not hesitate to move the camp if game is not seen.

Yukon Moose

Coastal Brown Bear

Grizzly Bear

Black Bear

Dall Sheep



Alaska Brown Bear | Moose| Dall Sheep | Black Bear

Hunting in Alaska is unlike any other hunting you will experience anywhere in the world. It is truly an untamed and wild land still untouched by man. There are no high fences or guaranteed kills. There are no restaurants or roads; no trails in our out. Hunting in Alaska is as close as you will come to hunting in the pure wild. The game in Alaska is untamed, untouched, and unpredictable. This isn't your run of the mill whitetail deer outing......This is Alaska!!!!