Alaska Brown Bear | Moose| Dall Sheep | Black Bear

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Coastal Brown Bear:
Alaska Peninsula Brown Bear hunts start from the small, remote village of Sand Point, Alaska. From Sand Point, we transport you to our actual bear lodge in Canoe Bay via Cessna 206 or Super Grizzly Cubs (wheels and skis). The main base camp was established 1964 with a comfortable lodge facilities that sleeps 20 people; cabins include, generator power, running water, showers, etc. We also have two spike cabins approximately 15 miles from the main base camp. We have the largest exclusive area on the Alaskan Peninsula for Brown Bear with more than 30 miles of coastline in prime Brown Bear habitat. The only other hunters you will see are the ones that hunt with us. Each hunter is accompanied by an experienced guide to assist them in their hunt.
Full Season Hunt: $24,000

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Barren Ground Caribou:
Currently open to Alaska residents only. Let us fly you in the area for an unguided Caribou hunt. You'll hunt the herds migrating through the foothills that surround the South Fork base camp. The Caribou bulls harvested in 2010 were among some of the biggest. Enjoy a steam bath, home cooked meal and cozy cabin at the end of your hunt at the South Fork camp. The season is open August and September.
5-7 Day Caribou
1 person $4500,
2-4 people $3500 per person
7 Day CaribouFlat Rate: $2500 each (2 person min)

Black Bear:
Abundant in the mountains near the South Fork base camp, the Black Bears are targeted as they greedily feed on the vast blueberry patches. The most effective method for this type of hunt is spot and stalk. It is possible to have your choice between numerous Black Bears you could see each day. Rely on your experienced guide to maneuver through the hunt and harvest the bear of your dreams. After a successful hunt, this trip combines well with fishing back at the main South Fork camp.
5-7 Day Black Bear1 person $5000,
2 x 1 $3500 per person

Dall Sheep:
We offer unguided drop off hunts which are only available to full time Alaskan residents. We provide unique access to some of the best Dall Sheep hunting the Alaska Range has to offer. We will fly you in a Super Cub to your base camp, which enables you hunt some of the most remote areas that hold Dall Sheep.

Grizzly Bear:
Based out of our South Fork lodge, we have literally hundreds of square miles full prime Grizzly habitat. Our past record speaks for itself. In 2010 alone we were 16 for 16. In 2011 we were 26 for 26.
We offer both spring and fall hunts. Our spring hunts are very unique and adventurous. We use bush planes and snow machines to handle all of the hard work involved in getting to the dens and tracking these mammoth bears. In the fall we use the traditional spot and stalk methods in tracking them down. Either way it is a wonderful hunt and full of excitement. .Whether you are chasing after them in the spring on snow machines or belly crawling to withing bow range during the fall, this hunt will make memories forever.

7-9 Day Grizzly Bear (Spr/Fall)1-2 people $14,000 each

Yukon Moose:
Hunting the continents largest mammal is no small task. You will be tested as you challenge these colossal beasts who glide through the thick brush with their 70' antlers as quietly as if on a magic carpet. Roaming river bottom to river bottom looking for love, we the hunters attempt to intercept them in the ultimate game of pursuit by deception. Hot and expecting the bulls come in looking, seemingly demanding, for the love they so eagerly pursue.

By early September the rut has begun. The bull and cow moose converge on to traditional breeding grounds to carry on the bloodline for another year. Hunters are placed in positions best suited for the situation and topography. Our guides have been blessed enough to experience this awesome dance the moose display for many years and will confidently guide you to the experience of a lifetime.
7 Day Moose$14,500 per person
10 Day MooseFlat Rate: $4500 each (2 person min)